The Phantom of the Baby Mouse

Mirror Mouse v2

Many years ago I found a tiny baby mouse in my home. It was too young to leave the nest, yet it had fallen from a ventilation grid in the ceiling and it was barely alive. I put it in a box with towels and tried to feed it whatever I could think of. It did not work out too well. The little wight did not eat or move.

The following morning I woke up early from a dream in which the phantom of a mouse appeared to me. Just like that. No word, no sound, only the phantom in the dark. It did not have the shape of a baby mouse. It was a full-grown adult, with more similarities to a cartoon than to a “real” mouse, yet somehow I knew for sure that it was the little one. It had passed away and came by to greet me, as in “Hey, thank you, and no worries, I’m okay now.”

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No Easy Way to Awesomeness

You're Awesome [yet this image seems not impressed, or too impressed, because it is not showing up.]

Whatever the reason, whatever the cause,
Whatever the meaning, the gain or the loss,
Here is a little thank you note, simply because:


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Life is the Challenge, Freedom is the way and the Code is Magic.


Hey! You read the first line of my first post of my first blog on That’s impressive. Since I’m not a huge fan, I’ve skipped the introduction. I’ll keep it for my about page in a future life. This post is about my new love. She’s too gorgeous not to share. Her name: Language.

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