Life is the Challenge, Freedom is the way and the Code is Magic.


Hey! You read the first line of my first post of my first blog on That’s impressive. Since I’m not a huge fan, I’ve skipped the introduction. I’ll keep it for my about page in a future life. This post is about my new love. She’s too gorgeous not to share. Her name: Language.

Language is freedom. The more people know her, the richer she gets, the more freedom we experience, the more words we invent, the more freedom she generates, … Language is our freedom to communicate. And she’s a beauty. And she is what our society is built upon.Language makes it possible to cooperate, to make plans, to gather information, to build upon knowledge, … And since the digital age language even allow us to communicate live from anywhere on Earth in sound and images. People from a while ago would think it’s magic. Today we call it ‘code‘.

We use our native language, we translate it to English, we use a variety of computer languages for the technical part and we mix it in such a way that we use ‘pinned language‘ (code) to transport ‘flowing language‘ (words). That is a crazy and stunning example of reciprocity. It shows how things really are made to be free.

But language does even more. It sows consciousness. Without language we would only know our own experiences and we wouldn’t even have the words to remind them well.With consciousness and knowledge comes choice: more freedom.

There is one problem with language though. It has boundaries and the Truth has none. Alleged knowledge is like a dead end road for our consciousness. The walk may be worth the walk, but we can only get out the way we got in.

We all know that and we also know that our society is walking a dead end. We need to rethink and urgently rebuild our economy. We should not suck the Earth dry and leave the problems for future generations. What kind of coward does such a thing? Nonetheless it is common practice. We are magnificent creatures in a way, but our stupidity is infinite.

Unless we change more or less everything, we’ll hit the next point of no return of whatever disaster lays ahead. Before we very well realize, we’ll have the end in sight. And in contradiction to road systems, dead ends in ecosystems are rather deadly. If we walk that walk and talk that talk humanity travels back in time to zero… And – for the record – that is not the birth of Christ.

Our generation decides whether humanity dies like a parasite who runs out of resources, or whether the future will be hopefull, fun and an enriching experience for all. With these words you know my choice and my choice is made. Whatever you choose, whether you are a selfish jerk, a done deal moron, or someone who cares, your walk will be worth the lesson, worth the talk, but the challenge is not a dead end. It is Freedom, Happiness, Consciousness and everything else worth living for. The challenge is Life, my friend.

And I dare you.
– @BBo

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