No Easy Way to Awesomeness

You're Awesome [yet this image seems not impressed, or too impressed, because it is not showing up.]

Whatever the reason, whatever the cause,
Whatever the meaning, the gain or the loss,
Here is a little thank you note, simply because:


It is not worth our time,
unless it allows us to be awesome,
Not because awesome is how we are,
or how we are supposed to be,

Awesome is what we are,
and where we are,
and why we are,
and how forever we can be.

But it can’t be easy.

Easy can be awesome, always,
awesome is not always easy.
We’d miss too much awesomeness,
and we’d lose our awe for easiness
if it were our sole experience.

And therefore it is not.

There is no easy way to awesomeness.
There is no in-between.

Our consciousness cannot embrace the light in white,
unless it knows the darkness which we call black.

There is no left or right,
There is only black and white:
right and wrong, weak and strong
Everything at once:
two sides of one extreme.

Everything is Yin and Yang.

And that, my friend,
is freaking awesome.

– @BBo

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