The Phantom of the Baby Mouse

Mirror Mouse v2

Many years ago I found a tiny baby mouse in my home. It was too young to leave the nest, yet it had fallen from a ventilation grid in the ceiling and it was barely alive. I put it in a box with towels and tried to feed it whatever I could think of. It did not work out too well. The little wight did not eat or move.

The following morning I woke up early from a dream in which the phantom of a mouse appeared to me. Just like that. No word, no sound, only the phantom in the dark. It did not have the shape of a baby mouse. It was a full-grown adult, with more similarities to a cartoon than to a “real” mouse, yet somehow I knew for sure that it was the little one. It had passed away and came by to greet me, as in “Hey, thank you, and no worries, I’m okay now.”

knowledge happens

Obviously, there is no way to be sure that my mind did not play tricks on me, but it was not the first time that I experienced something that I knew, without having any clue how, and it would not be the last. A totally different, yet a better verifiable example, was knowing that the phone would ring and, if it were for me, who would be calling, right before it happened. I shared a house with three friends back then and we had one fixed phone. As far as I was aware, there was no way I could tell who would call, let alone exactly when. Still, I knew.

It happens. And when it happens, doubt typically comes later, when considering how. And after that comes confirmation: luckily, else I would not take mind own mind seriously.

One thing I learned from this and other experiences, is that (third eye) mind vision is only an interpretation. I saw a cartoonish mouse phantom in my dream, not necessarily because that is the shape of a mouse’s soul, but because this is how I could interpret it right. The vision is only strengthening a communication that is taking place on a different, (rather) subconscious level.

the answer is a question

Most often it leaves me with more questions than answers, though. Yet then again, if an answer does not raise a question, it probably is not a good answer, or it is not understood.

The reason is simple: we experience borders here, nothing but borders. We cannot experience anything that is not limited in one way or another. Think about the largest whole we know: space. You may think of it as infinite, however, it can only be space. That is a huge limitation. It is why we can experience it, why we can define it and why it can make sense.

Moreover, we would not be able to experience anything, were it not that we are our largest border. We only hear sound, because both sound and our hearing are limited. If one or the other were not, we would hear everything at the same time, which most likely would be worse than being deaf.

As a child we experience all the borders that come with being a child. As an adult, we have pushed many, to discover many more. And the more limits we push, the more boundaries we become aware of. Thus, the more we know, the better we know, how little we know, and the more questions we can ask.

human or dancer

That said, the little one’s phantom leaves me wondering whether we are, perhaps, ageless souls in ageing bodies. It certainly seems thinkable to me that when we die, we simply lose all boundaries that are typical to our life on Earth. If something remains, that is what, or who we really are. I’m confident that something does remain. Yet I wonder. Are we human, or are we dancer?


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3 thoughts on “The Phantom of the Baby Mouse

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Our subconscious does do tricks on us. There is a spiritual reality. I have had similar experiences . .it’s a knowing,but not knowing….the unknown is the spiritultimate mysteries on a plane that’s spiritual . .I’m being redundant. After watching a really good movie one night a week later I had an e prince like one of the characters in the movie… subconscious was speaking to me…because in reality I really like the scene that came up in my dream….sorta like when you have a sex dream after watching or seeing something secual……ok…that said…..some dreams mislead us..since it was one of the millions of dreams you have had, it really just a way to deal with reality. Death is a biggie….thanks. like your writing

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  2. beautiful meditation on the mysterious, the finite, and the infinite and how they interrelate in this concrete world.

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    • @BBo says:

      Thank you, Melissa. I’m happy you like it. Concrete is only what we make of it until we know better… It’s valuable in a way, because we only know how to value something when we know both the value and the anti-value. Finite has infinite potential. It is part of infinite, because infinite would not be truly infinite without it… At least, that is how I see it 🙂

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